Welcome to the house of iDev!

Welcome to iDevgames.co.uk! I am iDev, an independant single game development. This website is something that will grow and become a hub for my works. This is the site where i will try and be less secretive and start explaining the work i’ve done and even share my ideas i currently keep in my head.

If you’ve been following my work (i.e igrow game) you will know i’m moving into a direction where i now have a couple of games in development. I’m also flittering between the 2 projects while explaining nothing to you lot. So i felt it was time to bring everything togeather with this site. To make it easier for you to keep up to date with out remembering serveral websites.

In the future i’ll post my in depth and even small postings which can not be considerd “news” for any specific game i’m developing. If it’s too small for here, it’ll go on twitter.

Hopefully as i progress with my development the websites i now have will make more sense when it comes to keeping you updated.

Let the rambeling begin! Enjoy