Open Rooms Early Access Breakdown

So like i said, is a place for me to write about the things that i guess not everyone would be interested in. I could technically post this on open rooms website, though to keep things to the point, i wont.

So what i just wanted to explain was the past 2 and abit days of release. Now theres no need for me to go into how much everyone, if anyone, has paid towards the development of open rooms. As those details are on the page.

So how many times has early access been downloaded?

About 170 so far. This might not seem a lot and for the amount of attention i was able to obtain from reddit (3000 views 0_o). 170 isn’t a great deal to some. Though for a single indie game developer working solely on projects in his free time. I’m personally very happy over 100 people might have given open rooms ago in the past few days! Also as much as i’m working towards making a living from my work. I get excited knowing people are enjoying my games.

Non the less, feedback is something i have had little of. The feedback i have gotten has been neither positive or negative. So…. I’ll have to wait some more before i can find out if i’m working in the right direction.

All in all this is all i have to say right now, this was just a little breakdown for the sake of it. Hope someone finds it useful