My journey has begun – With Unity 5!

Well, recently i decided something that i avoided for a long time. I spent the past year trying to do what i could with an engine (Dxstudio) that unfortunatly isn’t without it’s problems. With in the past few months discovering that avira also false flagged everything i built in dxstudio as a virus. I also felt that i’ve worked long enougth trying to battle with dxstudio’s limitations and bugs.

Also i’m disvovering with unity, i no longer have to reinvent the wheel everytime i want to build something. With the asset store i am able to by pass hours of hard work when it comes to building games. Which is vital for a single indie developer like my self. Which is also the reason why i’ve decided to use unity 5 over unreal engine.

This will allow me to not only make games faster then before but also i will be able to focus on the art more in my games. With the vast amount of tools i now have to make my art better i also have new technologies such as tessalation to bring amazing amounts of detail.

So, i’ve decided to help myself learn unity inside out. To write some tutorials on here to help everyone else as i learn. So keep an eye out as this site evolves.