Why i chose Unity 5 vs Unreal Engine 4

Now that these two wonderful engines have unrestricted features avaliable for every dev without any cost. It’s now the time to decide which to learn.

Instead of going through a list of features and comparing the two side by side, there really isn’t any point for us single game developers. Both engines feature a wide range of next gen features that any developer would be excited about. Though the reality of it is, we might not use 20% of these next gen features and even less if you are a beginner to game development.

So what is important and what should we be comparong while making our decission? Usability, this is the key to single game dev’s like you or me. Developing a 3D game single handed is a huge feat on it’s own. Theres so much to take in consideration and learn. Modelling, animation and texturing alone are skills needed to make the art to your game alone. So every bit of help we can recieve, we will take. Both Unity 5 and Unreal engine 4 both boast a nice easily usable interface. Personally, i found unity 5 was definatly a more familier workflow to what i am used to (in dxstudio).

Not to say there is anything wrong with unreal’s workflow, i just got into unity a lot quicker. Though my main point i will make between engines that i see important for us one man bands. Unity has an asset store which allows you to bypass some of the jobs that take a long time. Depending on your goal this might not matter, you might just want to make demos for fun and from scratch, maybe unreal engine is a better fit for that. Though for a developer who is aiming to make finished projects, the asset store will help you achieve that goal quicker.

These are just my thought’s, you may agree and you may disagree. Though hopefully this little blog post might help you decide on the decission of which engine to put your time into learning. Or if not hopefully i’ve gave you something more to think about then, which feature list is better.