Unity 5 Assets – How Unity 5 speeds up development with the use of assets

 Asset’s is a term u’ll run into a lot when you first start using unity. If your a developer which has just turned to unity or your brand new to game development. Assets is something i’m yet to see in any other game engine and I also believe it could be one of the main reasons unity is the success that it is. Unity has become a game engine that not only is recognizable by gamer’s, It’s also seem’s to be an engine that i see more completed games being produced with. That’s not just talking about the game’s being made by studios or team’s.

 What are unity asset’s?

Asset’s is the way that unity allows people to share portions of script, models, textures or sounds. Due to the whole way unity is designed, everything is reusable and can be designed to link up easily with out ever having to re touch scripts. So in a lot of case’s it’ll give you access to a feature built with unity that you can use in your own projects. 

Adding asset’s to Unity 5!

Adding an asset in unity has been designed to be really easy. Once you have purchased or decided to download a free asset. Unity’s asset store will open up your unity 5 editor with a new window with the asset store in. You can also access the asset store through unity 5 when navigating through the menu’s. This will now allow you to install your chosen asset into the project that you currently have open in the editor.

Keep in mind that all asset’s are made by other unity users and are not always guaranteed to work. So make sure you check out the reviews of any asset you wish to install in your project as well as checking the version the asset is for. Not all assets will work for unity 5 as assets has been a feature in past versions as well.