Free Pixel Art / Graphics Editor Software For Windows 8 Tablet

If you have an android tablet or an ipad. You’ll have no problems finding an app for making pixel art. which is great, for a’bit of fun. Though you most likely wont find yourself using it for your next game. That’s not to say (like somethings) that it doesn’t work well and that it’s better to draw with a mouse.

The problem with the windows tablet, such as the Microsoft surface and now some reasonable priced tablets such as the linx range. I mention the Linx as this is the make i own, though their are a few others. The importance of the windows tablet which breaks it away from the Ipad and android tablets. Is that it is capable of not only running your favorite windows programs. It might just possibly be suitable for your game development. Depending on how you develop your games.


Windows Tablet Pixel Art



So most programs for windows computer can be run on a windows tablet. That’s not to say every program will support tablets. The biggest challenge you will face is finding a program that supports the control scheme, despite the effort’s of microsoft. Some programs such as image editing software or games are specific in the way they can be controlled. After a few days trying many different pixel art editors. It turns out that a free editor was actually the most compatible with a touch screen. There also seemed to be no where on the internet that spoke about these features that i could find of a quick look.

The main problem for me is i needed something that could easily allow me to zoom. Either that or the ability to see the image i’m working on at 100% zoom. If you already draw pixel art you know why. You constantly have to keep checking that the drawing is looking how it should. Though while drawing pixel by pixel you need to zoom in as far as possible. This alone will narrow down the amount of editors you are able to use on a tablet.

Next you’ll need features you’ll use often when drawing pixel art such as undo. If you’ve ever drawn pixel art and not once made a mistake. I’d like to hear about it. Though the truth is, we all make mistakes. Usually more often then not. Surprisingly, the only quick way to undo is use ctrl+alt+z in most programs. Which is difficult on a tablet, that narrows you down to even less. Actually, a long story short. I only found one piece of software which was usable

Unbelievably has the only fully, tablet supported control scheme for any free program. Could also be the only one out there but i can’t vouch for paid software like photoshop and a few others. The bit i found odd, is they don’t even seem to be telling anyone about it. The main things you will need to know:

With the pencil or brush tool selected, you are able to tap to paint. Pinch to zoom and use 2 fingers to pan around the image while zoomed. More specifically to pixel art, you can set up a grid so while your zoomed you can see it.


Other then this you can also easily use layers and undo/redo from the interface in