How To Draw Isometric Pixel Art In Any Photo Editing Software

One of the best things about isometric pixel art is the way it’s made. You could use photoshop, paint shop pro, gimp, or even paint to draw isometric pixel art. You don’t actually need a dedicated piece of sortware like aseprite, pickle or pyxel. Really all you need to make isometric pixel art is an editor that supports a tool that can paint single pixel’s (like the pencil tool in most software opposed to the brush tool) and the ability to zoom. You don’t actually need anything else.

So let’s get started. Isometric is not actually that difficult. Though might take a little bit of practice. In normal pixel art, you draw everything on a flat perspective, yes you can draw other perspective’s though isometric gives an object a 3D effect.


First thing’s first, you need to make the correct angle.




Getting A 30 Degree’s angle might sound like a scary concept but there’s actually method in the madness.



When you zoom in so you can see each pixel (With grid below), you can see that by keeping it in a 2 pixel pattern. You will end up with the 30 Degree’s angel’s.


Keep drawing on keeping the same 2 pixel pattern to create a cube.isometric-pixel-cube

This is the complete basis of creating pixel art. This is technically all you need to make your pixel art, isometric. Though creating shading will bring the 3d effect and the overall appeal. Doing this is easy. Choose a direction the light is pointing. Then draw a different shade of colour depending on the direction you have chosen.


As you can see when the light comes from the top right. The top will be the lightest side of the cube (that’s visible). While the left side is the furthest away and is the darkest side.isometric-light-source-right

As you can see, if you change the angle, you will end up with a completely different effect. So it is important that you decide which direction your light source will come from and stick to it. This will make everything you draw blend together. If objects mismatch in direction you will notice overall. This is not where it ends. You can start to add even more detail to your cube now. Using highlights and shadowing on the edges of your cube will bring the cube to life. You just need to make sure your shading isn’t to strong, otherwise it will stick out too much.isometric-shaded-with-highlights

Then when you zoom out to 100%




Now that you have the basics of drawing pixel art, you will need to play around yourself to see what you can make. You should now know as much as you will need to know to get started.