Free alternative to fruity loops fl studio – Game Development

Lets face it, when it comes to game development. It can become real expensive, especially if your paying for an on going license for an engine. Then there’s the program’s you would never think about like a bump map generator or an animation tool. Game development, as far as I see it, is a unity of a persons skills. If your planning on making games by your self, you will need to be able to do it all. Usually, most dev’s forget one of the most important part of games. Sound or soundtracks will transform any game. You can set a mood with sound’s or a soundtrack that you wouldn’t believe is possible. It’s the unity of visual, sound and interaction which make a game.

This is now your next problem. Music production software is extremely expensive! Actually, until now I haven’t seen anything that could produce music that was as versatile as fruity loops or any other software in a price range I could consider affordable. let alone free! Don’t get me wrong, there is programs like audacity which is capable of sound editing. Though the difference between audio editing and a full DAW is a big one.


With lmms you are able to have complete control over your music creation. Better yet, it’s seems they ha game’s in mind when developing lmms. As standard, most of the synthesizers are designed for chiptune sounds.

LMMS features:

Piano Roll







LMMS also works on Linux and Mac as well as windows.