How to make a professional looking indie game developer website

Designing and developing a site, is a difficult task. Especially if your a programmer, rather then an artist. None the less, even if your a well rounded indie developer. Designing a site is very different compared to game art. Times have also moved on. A static HTML website isn’t what I believe will be enough to keep your website relevant to today’s internet.

Despite thinking about the difficulties you might face is one thing. Though at the same time. If you don’t know what your looking for, things can become incredibly expensive and confusing.

This is just a guide to some of the things I consider, from years of experience with the web, will make life easier for you as a game developer to run a professional website for your game. While being the lowest cost with marketing in mind.

Lets first think about what it is you will need from a website. As I mentioned, a HTML site will not cut it anymore. There’s actually a reason behind this. When it comes to marketing you have 2 ways to gain traffic. Direct, when someone’s types in your website address or a referral, someone clicks a link from another site. Then you break it down into the type of sites that you can place your link on. Search engines, social media and other websites. Search engines are very valuable to gaining visitors which will interact with your site. Simply put, people who are looking for the content of your website are more likely going to read it and be interested in what you have to say or offer.

Talking about content leads back into the reason why HTML websites will just not cut it any more. The more content you have, the more pages can be included in search engines, giving you more chance to be found. It’s far more complicated then this, though to keep it simple. All you need to understand is that you need lots of content and to add to it regularly. Not just that, people like to follow the development of your games! Writing about them is a must.

So with that in mind, you will need:


Website hosting can be very complicated at first, especially if you have no experience with it. There’s lot’s of different packages to choose from. I suggest

For about $hosting245 a month, shared hosting, you will receive everything you will need to get started:

Cpanel (With Softaculous)

cpanel is a user interface for your hosting and Softaculous will give you the ability to easily install wēsite scripts (including wordpress which I suggest)

Domain Name

You will get a free domain for a year with hosting 24. Which you can also buy separate if you choose different to buy hosting from somewhere else. A domain name is the URL your site can be accessed from.

I’ll presume you have the above and is in the situation of owning a domain name linked to some web hosting.

Now you need to access your cpanel:

Your hosting company should give you login details to cpanel.

Next look for softaculous after logging in. Then find wordpress. WordPress will be enough to get you started. Enter a few details and it will be installed. With 100’s of free templates to choose from and simple ways to add widgets to your site. You will be able to have a professionally designed blog to get you started.

For the same price of netflix 😉