10 Ways To Market Your Indie Game For Free

Marketing, believe it or not, is something a lot of us won’t think about until a game is finished. Some even think they won’t need to. The truth is, you will. This is just an overview of 10 way’s you can market your indie game for free.

First thing that will matter, is the platform your game runs on. If it’s a mobile game, downloadable or a browser based game. Some of what i have listed will not work for some platforms and some will work for all. Keep that in mind.



Media is the hardest of all the options here. Though it can be the best. Media is looking for games to review. Though you will have to let them know you exist by email or letter.



Blogs that cover reviews of indie games are a great place to get a lot of attention. Again like media, you have to contact them by email.


Press Release

There are a few places you can post a press release for free online.

Like for instance http://www.gamasutra.com/

There is also paid places and i’ve heard this can be worth it.



Youtube and videos in general is a great way to market your. Not only this, Youtubers can be even better to get your name out there.



Gaming forums are a great way to market your game. Though this doesn’t mean spam. No one like’s a spammer.


Social Media

Now this one seem’s to be confusing for most. Social media is great for marketing your game, though only if you do not use social media for marketing. Social media is for being social and making friends. When being an indie game developer, most of your time is spent building games. So naturally you will want to tell people about your games.


Download Sites

Site’s such as download.com, brothersoft and softapedia are still very much running. These are site’s i remember using for all my download needs (back on dial up:D ). Not only this, some even cater for mobile games.



Ok, so the title should have been bookmarking sites. Though honestly… Reddit is likely the only one worth using. Just make sure you follow the rules and don’t spam, it can be very good.


IndieDB / ModDB

This indie network should be used by ever indie game developer. They can be very good if you can get in the top 100!


Market Places

Depending on the platform your game is built for. There’s sometimes many different outlets to distribute your game. The more you distribute your game on, the more chances you have to you game being found.