Prepairing For The Release Of Your First Indie Game

As a developer, new or old. You may find yourself being incredibly secretive. You may even find yourself being the only one who knows what your doing. Sometimes this is because you don’t consider yourself an artist or a lot of your game has unfinished visuals.

How can you show a game without visuals?

Technically you can’t, people will just not be interested. So my first bit of advice. Get together a small portion of your game with some finished visuals. This is easier said then done. It does mean you will need to first have set out your graphics style. None the less, people don’t get excited about developer art. Unless the functionality will blow people away.

So surely you have a lot more to think about then just getting some art done to show off your game. Though the truth is. There isn’t any more of a kick in the teeth for an indie dev to spend month’s/year’s building your first game. You then decide to release your game on a market. To wake up the next day to find out not a single person had downloaded/played your game.

If you want to avoid that scenario entirely. You need to prepare as soon as possible. As the old saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


So by that, I mean attempt to start building some interest long before your game is anywhere finished. Though be sure not to show anything too unfinished. This does depend on your crowd. Early on in my game dev journey I built a free game where my original pictures were nothing like the end result. The crowd got big despite the pictures not be good. Unfortunately the game and engine turned out to be bad. This was a long time ago now.

Though unless your game caters for a certain community that would be interested. Your best to show something that looks to be finished. Even if it’s just one little bit.


The truth is, not all of us are business men. We want to build games! So sometimes branding is something a game dev can miss. This is something you want to do from day one. Base it entirely from a domain name (website address) as no one will find a site that is unrelated to what your about. If your name is already taken. You probably should go for something else.

That’s not all, you should also check popular social sites (twitter, facebook, Google) and youtube. This is branding. You don’t need to use all of them (I don’t use facebook) but being able to be recognized everywhere you go is very important.

So if your just getting into the swing of game development and you would like to become an indie. Start early, it’ll speed things up in the long run.