The Most Popular And Successful Platform To Develop Games For

As an indie game developer, it’s easy to get lost in what platforms you can develop games for i.e mobile(windows, android and IOS), desktop(windows, Linux or mac), console(steam box, ouya, PlayStation 4, Xbox one or Nintendo wii u) or browser based.



(Sorry for silly meme…)

There’s a lot of opportunity’s out there for us indie developers. Ideally we should utilize everything we can to have the most success. Though it’s a nice idea, in reality this isn’t always the case. Design and control scheme’s will be extremely different on a console to a touchscreen device. Not to say you couldn’t design your game to work for all platforms. It’s something you will need to decide on at the beginning.


Though let’s face it, you most likely are not reading this article because you are going to release your game on every platform. Though the big question, which will bring you the most success!


Believe it or not, although at some point or another I have developed browser based games, windows desktop and android mobile games. I have no answer! Well not a straight forward one. Then again did you really expect it to be that black and white? Surely not!


Not all is a loss! Though I can’t tell you which one will bring you great success. I can still give you an overview of the market to help you decide. Remember all this is my own opinion… If you disagree, tell me!

So let’s start with the platform’s that I have formed a lot of opinion of (I have no fact to back this up)


Personally I think this is the market all indie dev’s would love to be getting in on. Unfortunately a few things have held us back. As far as xbox 360 went, the fee’s were high and the dev kit was raw. This caused a lot of basic game’s to be released as indie game’s, due to the difficulties with developing with the xdk. The lack of quality in the market brought the whole 360 indie market down. My opinion only…


That being said, the future is looking bright with windows 10. How this will work with the xbox one, i’n eagerly waiting to find out.


Ps4 i have no experience, WII U has had a bit of a stir in the market for dev’s though that’s all i know. The Ouya on the other hand is a bonus platform for an android developer, though i’ve not heard of any success of Ouya specific games.


As far as the mobile market goes, It is strong and here to stay it seem’s. The question is which one though. IOS has the winner circle feel about it, the users generally want to spend more. Though the developer entry is a high bar and not a fan of mac’s. Android is a more saturated market, though still very strong, unless you rank from amazing keywords though. You won’t receive anything in the way of free advertising from the play store.

Windows, is something i’ll get back to you with… hopefully

Browser based

Browser game’s are very popular, also there is a lot of different place’s to get your game out there in front of players. The biggest issue i find with browser based games is earning from your game. Places like kongregate pay you a percent of ad revenue your play’s earn. Which make’s it hard to share your game everywhere, as less play’s on kongregate mean less you’ll earn.


As far as i’m concerned (other then consoles). I believe this is the most likely platform to actual earn from selling your gave. Everyone expect’s too much for free as a browser based or mobile game. When a game can be downloaded on a computer, people see the value of the game. Though the desktop game’s market include’s, like console, triple A title’s. Where as mobile and browser based don’t. So maybe the chances are higher because the standards are higher.


Something to think about….