Backlinks For Indie Game Developer Sites

If your just getting started on your SEO journey you might just be learning about the importance of backlinks. You may even be a seasoned SEOer (As they say). You will hopefully know about the importance of a backlink in today’s search engine optimization. In case your clueless to what i’m talking about let me explain.

A backlink is simply a link back to your site from another website. These will help you rank your site higher in google and other search engines. 15 years ago this would have been a fine and simple explanation of backlinks. Unfortunately this being as simple as above led to site’s being ranked in a popularity contest. Making the popular, more popular.

Sure not exactly fair, though it would make sense. The more popular a website is, the more chance that website is popular for a reason. Therefore hopefully displaying the best results. Which it did at the time. There was only one major problem. Backlinks caused a bi product from the webmasters that figured out what google was doing. If all it took was more backlinks, just make more backlinks!

So, I would be surprised if you’ve never seen any. Spam was the bi product of this backlink mayhem. 15 Years later and you see an entirely different algorithm being used to determine the ranking’s of websites on google. Not only is it different and far more complicated then just backlinks. Backlinks are still very important. Though now the idea is actually a far more upgraded version of a popularity contest.

It’s now obvious the web has now gone in a certain direction. Keep in mind 15 years ago search engines were new, no one had a clue how the internet would have been used. Like everything, it turned out to be structured. I.e generally a site about hairdressing wouldn’t hold information about bricklaying.

Nearly every website on the internet has some sort of category, subject, theme or niche. Some sort of categorization, does it make sense for my gaming site to be determined as popular because my link featured on  Not at all! oh wait… my site’s been featured on IGN. Now surely this make’s my site popular?

Honestly I wish someone could have explained this to me like this. Unfortunately I was shifting through lies of internet marketing for more then 10 years (likely before the first simple explanation i made was still in effect).

So with all that in mind. You need to start thinking carefully, on where you can post your links back to your site that will benefit your site and help you rank better in search engines. A backlink will do more harm then good if it’s on the wrong website.

Here’s a few suggestions:


Though keep in mind you should only ever place your websites link in specified place’s only. Each one of the sites above will have a certain place for you to add your website link. DO NOT SPAM!!!!

Spam, spam everywhere