Why Indie Devs Will Love Windows 10

So, windows 8 and 8.1 phones never really became a success. A lot of people might have wondered why. We all must have met at least one person who had owned a windows phone at one point or even owned one yourself. Almost everyone I have met who owned one said the same thing. The operating system was great, windows phone works great. They do know how to make touchscreen navigation that is intuitive and easy to use.  They even had an interface that was easily recognizable across all their devices.


So why did windows 8 phones fail?

You might argue it didn’t, though in the developer’s world it hasn’t even been considered the under dog. It’s not even considered as an option really. Even big name’s in the mobile gaming world don’t even bother releasing a version for windows phone.

This is exactly the reason why owner’s of the windows phone usually didn’t keep them for long. The truth is behind the smartphone which we all find exciting, is the abundance of app’s and game’s we can download. If developers don’t release their game’s on windows, it end’s up with few reasons to buy one.

Why didn’t developers jump on the windows band wagon? The main reason was price. Which you might argue IOS, being a similar price would have suffered in the same way. When in reality IOS benefited from being more expensive for us developers. It helped stop IOS being filled with under developed rubbish that android suffered from. Making IOS seem more of a premium platform. So how did IOS benefit from being expensive and windows fail from it?

Really simple, IOS was there first. Where as windows came last after android. Due to the lack of apps on windows phones led to a lack of sales. Giving even less reason for us developers to want to release our game’s on windows phone.


Why will you love windows 10?

They are trying to use everything they have to their advantage. Giving us a one release platform for all of the windows devices. Including… xbox one. Though i’m still not fully sure how xbox one will come into this. That is what they have announced none the less.

Well that alone has sold it for me, i’m for one excited to release my future games on windows 10. That’s not all though. The price has now been lowered by a considerable amount. Allowing dev’s like me to try and see how windows 10 market will work. Not just that i’m also now fully developing my games on a windows tablet! That costed the same price of a budget android tablet. Oh and it’s got the windows 10 free upgrade. Which all windows 7 and 8 users will have too. There should be a huge market and windows know’s their app market has been their downfall. They want to change that and we need to take advantage of this.