Beeing Newton For IOS Store By Conka Games

I have to admit, a huge portion of my free time is spent developing games. Though more and more I find i’m spending my time admiring all of the fantastic work by all the fantastic games by the developers on twitter.

One developer I am following is @WallyConka and currently WallyConka and team is developing beeing newton:


Beeing Newton is an arcade side scroller with hand-crafted levels and an accompanying back-story told through a series of illustrated scenes. Although the look of the game was very important, we focused primarily on gameplay and the key dynamic of player control. As the game progresses the challenge increases, but the novel gameplay rewards the player as their skill levels improve. Mid-way through the game there is a twist, and the player faces a new set of challenges.

The game is free to play but all the attention has been on the player and the gaming experience – Commercial considerations have always been way down that list. We hope people get a kick out of playing Beeing Newton. That would be enough for us to start working on the next episode.

To find out more take a look at and take a look @WallyConka