GALA Collider By Indie Team NeoCrux – Kickstarter Now Live

Gala collider is an indie game i’ve been following for awhile @ on twitter. Well finally you they have a kickstarter now! I’m personally have already pledged to what look’s like it’s becoming  a really successful kickstarter. I for one can’t wait to see what this team of indie’s have got so far!


We began this journey with a question: what it would be like to combine a card game and a 4X game?

And that’s when GalaCollider emerged. We’ve taken the best concepts from many games plus some fresh new ideas and carefully crafted them together to create something we know you will find innovative, fun and deeply compelling.

Combining genres created a big opportunity for us to rethink what has become a somewhat ingrained formula. While we love the strategic depth of 4X games, we often find ourselves unable to commit to the slow gameplay and tedious micromanagement. Instead of waiting several turns while your ships are built, we wanted a game where every decision matters, where every turn is intense, where scouting, bluffing and outthinking your opponent is paramount.

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