Editing Gradients With Inkscape

Something I found myself searching and actually not quickly finding an answer to, is editing gradients in inkscape. A simple task and definitely a powerful ally in any graphic design. Though with the right use, can bring even the simplest vectors to life.

Inkscape is actually really simple to use when it comes to gradients (like most things when you know how). Though I found Inkscape to be different to any other graphics software i’ve used before and not obvious to me straight away.

Creating a gradient

First creating a gradient is easy. First select the object you would like to apply a gradient on.

gradient InkspaceLike the screenshot above, hit the fill button in the side bar. I’ve circled the spherical gradient in the screenshot above. Though you could use the corner gradient symbol for traditional directional gradients. Now you will need to edit the gradient to your colours.

To edit your colours, you will need to hit the the edit symbol which I have circled in red. Now you will see this:



By clicking on the square or circles. You’ll be able to change the colour of the direction.

gradient Like I said, it’s easy when you know how. Also if this is your first time using gradients. The best use for gradient’s is when you use them in subtle ways.