Earning More Money From Your HTML5 Games?

I’ve been around for a while when it comes to game dev. So you can believe me when I say, earning from game development can be hard.  You have to be able to program your games, design your games and focus on all aspects of game development. From sounds to art work, indie game development is hard. No matter how long it can take to learn and develop your first game. This is just the beginning of your journey.

Being an indie developer means you then need to find ways to earn from your games. Games won’t make money on their own, the key to success is not just developing popular games. You have to have a method of earning money from your game.

That might be as simple as asking users to pay upfront for a copy of your game. Which is great if of coarse you have developed a large game with lots of reasons for players to want to purchase your game. There is a downside to this though, large games take time, a lot of time and not a guaranteed success either. It can take a lot for little return in some cases and that’s if you get to the stage of releasing your game at all.

The best way to earn from your games as an indie developer, is making free smaller games for mobile devices. The main reason for this is advertising. Displaying ad’s in your games means you earn from all the players who play your game, allowing you to make more smaller games people can play for free. The more games your able to make the more plays you are likely to receive.

This is where I saw a problem. My mobile games can earn from each player using ad’s but at the moment web games do not have the same earning power. There are arcade sites like kongregate which offer percentages for the ad hits your games drive. So I decided to make an arcade specifically for making it not only easy to upload your game but to give the developer a way to earn 100% from their game play’s. The exact arcade I was looking for as a developer I decided to make:



Get started in minuted and have your game instantly approved and playable in no time at all. So start earning more from your games today. To make as much money from your free game make sure you share your games in as many places as possible!