Free HTML5 Game Hosting Online

So you have finally finished your game and are now looking to share it online and even make some money from your hard work. Without hosting your game online you are not able to easily share it with your friends and followers on social media.

I’m an indie game developer and even a web developer myself. I wanted to create a system/service for hosting my games with the ability to make money, so I made the iDev Games play arcade.



The play arcade is designed to not only host your games for free but is also designed to be as simple as possible and quick to get your games released. Easily upload games made with game engine’s such as Construct 2, Game maker and Unity or any other game engines with a HTML5 exporter.

You can launch your games instantly on the play arcade, you are not made to wait to release your game to the world. You can also keep your game private so it doesn’t show on the play arcade, allowing you to share your game link with your friends and test your prototype, beta or alpha versions of your game.

I also wanted to try and offer the most way’s to earn money from your games. The play arcade allows you to earn money from full screen ad’s. Instead of being bombarded with adverts on the site, players only need to commit to seeing a website for 5 seconds when they decide to play your game.You can choose the frequency of your forced ad views and turn ad’s off. You can also ask for paypal donations and even patreon subscriptions.

Other members of the arcade can also review your games giving you feedback for your game. You can link your android play market url for players to see, add a video of your game, share your website url and share your twitter feed on your game’s pages. Making your game more connected and social.

Anyone can choose to easily embed your game on to their websites giving you the potential of more promotion and exposure. You can also embed your game onto your own website. The best part is, the play arcade’s embed code is designed to make players still need to view ad’s even though it is embedded on other websites. Giving you much more chance to make far more money.

The iDev Games play arcade has been designed to be the quickest and easiest way for HTML5 and Unity game developers to not only share your games online but to also have the most opportunity to make money.

This arcade has been built by a indie game developer for game developers and i’m always open for suggestions. Have an idea contact me at